My husband and I had pit bull mix for 10 years, in that time the advocacy for pit bull type dogs gained an incredible amount of awareness.  We of course were following the movement of the breed on various social media platforms. Unfortunately we lost our Twiggy in December, and it was incredibly difficult, and a very big shock.  I thought that it might be easier to get over the loss if I stopped following all dogs online, but I came across Mr. Bones & Co. through their incredible story of the rescue, and life saving measures for an adorable little grey dog named Tater Tot. His story was so incredible and inspiring, I knew I wanted to help this rescue organization somehow. I had hoped to volunteer or donate, and as I was following along waiting for the opportunity, they put up the first post about my Penny, (formerly known as The Unsinkable Molly Brown).  Here was this adorably bow-legged, wobbly little dog with a giant blockhead on an impossibly skinny body. She looked like a cartoon with her comically large ears that stick straight up, her expressive eyebrows, and her giant smile.  This character had been living in a vet’s office for over a year! Mr Bones frequent partner, Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, Salisbury NC., had taken her in, and she was coming to New Your to be part of Mr Bone’s One Lucky Pup operation.  There was a possibility the she would need corrective surgery on one or both of her front legs. My husband and I really liked her and her story, we decided if and when she became available for adoption we would put in an application. We always knew we would adopt another pit bull, and we knew we could devote a lot of time and attention to this dog and her possible extra medical needs. The night we sent in the application I thought there was no way we would hear back, there were probably so many applications for her. Well, we heard back about 3 hours later, they wanted us to meet her! I think we both loved her instantly, and about 3 weeks later she came to live with us and got her new name, Penny Copperbottom. 

Mr Bones & Co. is going to cover the cost of the surgery that Penny will have this fall to correct a growth plate injury she sustained as a young pup. Though she is very mobile and FULL of energy, her bowed bones are causing a twist in her wrist and premature arthritis.  We hope that this surgery will prevent further complications so she can live a long healthy life as One Lucky Pup! At Cotn Collection our pets are family, thank you for helping us support this amazing organization and my shiny new Penny.  – Jenn

About Mr Bones & Co.

Founded in 2013, Mr. Bones & Co., is an all-volunteer based 501(c)3 animal welfare non-profit supporting animal rescue and advocacy in our own backyard of New York City, as well as on a national and global level. Our main function is canine rescue, via One Lucky Pup, our signature rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program. While we emphasize Pit Bull rescue we accept all breeds into our program. OLP specializes in dogs facing extraordinary challenges, whether it be extensive emergency veterinary care/surgery, unfair breed discrimination or those languishing in municipal shelters with behavioral issues that make them harder to place. Our experience in the deepest of these rescue trenches gives us keen insight into understanding the challenges of animal welfare. We focus on the quality of our cases, not the quantity. By keeping our program small, typically no more than fifteen dogs at a time, we are able to put an intensive amount of attention into each dog and evaluate their needs intimately to determine their best home. This individualized plan of care enhances the adoption process, making less room for negative variables to occur post-adoption.

In addition to our One Lucky Pup rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program, we also produce a signature annual benefit known as Rescue the Runway, which is a fun, interactive event designed to get the community involved via adopting, fostering, volunteering, advocacy or financial support. Featuring New York City’s most adorable runway, homeless pups up for adoption will strut their stuff alongside local community heroes and other notable guests who escort them down the runway in the hopes of landing a forever home. Rescue the Runway is headed to Chicago for a 2nd time this Nov 2017, and will be launching in other cities across the U.S. throughout 2018-19.

MBC also provides support to existing shelters and rescue groups via outreach initiatives including spay/neuter events, fundraising, and adoption support. We award numerous grants each year for a variety of services; pet care and emergency assistance to low income families, adoption training to help harder to place dogs find homes, and assistance to selfless animal rescuers doing what they can on their own. We believe animal welfare is a community effort and work hard to be part of the bigger picture.

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Written by Chris DiMaggio

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